Laser Hair Removal Eliminating Unsightly Hair

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If you are hassled by the series of treatment that you have gone through hoping to get that hair out of the way, you need to shift focus on something that seriously works. Laser hair removal by an expert, works on the excessive growth and deals with the problem effectively. However, this is no permanent fix, it does the job for sure, as compared to regular shaving, but it does require repeated treatment. An average person who ‘qualifies’ for the treatment requires 6-8 sessions to have at least an 80% reduction in the growth of hair.

There is no suitable answer as to why the process works better on some people and not for others. It could be because of the duration of the growth rate, texture of the skin, colour of the hair, etc. To put it in perspective, the process does work and you can get the unwanted hair (at least most of it) off your body within a year. The question is whether this works in the long-term like electrolysis. However, considering the fact that laser is non-invasive, people opt for laser more. Effective treatment is possible if you wait for your hair to grow. It is because, hair in its active phase is easily removed and it won’t grow back for quite some time after the laser session.

Find a Legit Clinic
Prior to laser hair removal, professional laser clinics advise patients to shave. Based on the hair growth they determine the machine of choice – pulse or laser light. An aesthetician is not the right person to give you the correct advise, especially if you have skin problems. It is a dermatologist’s job to determine if you are suitable for a laser hair removal treatment. Treatments differs for every individual, which is determined by a licensed technician. The negative part about removal of hair by laser therapy is that it is not at all cheap. It depends on the part of the body that is being treated and it can go up considerably if it is your leg or back that is being treated. If you want to know how many sessions are required for you to get rid of all those unwanted hair, you would have to consult the technician. Usually, this is dependent on individual skin and hair type.

Some patients notice an improvement with just four treatments while others may need even eight or more. A hormonal imbalance can cause the hair to grow in the most unfortunate places but fall from the scalp, eyelashes and brows. Ultimately, a clinic that has multiple lasers will effectively remove the excess hair from your body. The duration of each procedure is dependent on the region. Legs and arms take about two hours each, armpits about half an hour, facial hair that is tricky may take an hour, and so on. You can get this treatment done based on whether your skin is equipped to handle the procedure. The follow up sessions are equally important to flaunt the hair-less look.