Makeup – How To Select A Foundation

Makeup is an art and you’re the artist, every artist needs the perfect canvas. Not all of us have the perfect skin to work with. There’s always those pesky dark circles or acne scars that are visible on our skin. So to have that perfect canvas all you need is a little bit of foundation. But the next question you will ask is which one do you buy? Well that mostly depends on your skin colour, tone and type. Here’s a guide on how to choose the best foundation to flatter you and not make you look patchy or uneven.

makeup foundation

Know your skin type
Oily, dry and combination are the three main types of skin so it is best to choose which product will be the best for your skin type.

Hydrating powder, liquid or stick foundation works best for those of you with dry skin. The creamy consistency of the liquid and stick as well as the blend of ingredients that is present in the hydrating powder helps moisturise the skin.

An oil free liquid foundation or a powder foundation works best for you if you have oily skin. The oil is absorbed by the powder leaving you with an oil free matt look all day. If acne is a problem a foundation that has salicylic acid is a good choice.

For those of you with combination skin a powder foundation is most helpful. You can apply the powder as needed on your face. More where the oil is more and less if the area is oily.

It is best to take a professionals opinion from a beauty salon or makeup artist if you are new to makeup.

Match your shade
Choosing the shade of foundation you need is always tricky. So here are a few tips for you to choose the colour that suits your skin colour the best. In most places you can try the shade before you buy it. So before investing in any foundation dab a little of it across your jaw if it blends right in that’s the colour for you. Checking the colour on your jaw serves two purposes you can compare the colour with the skin on you face and also with the colour of your neck. You don’t want both of these to look different now do you?

Another tip to remember when buying makeup is that you should always check the colour in natural light. The artificial lighting can cast unwanted shadows on your skin, so stand near a window or go out in the daylight to check if the colour suits your skin.

There are usually assistants around to help you choose the colour you should buy so don’t be shy to ask for help.
Another good tip to remember is if you ever cannot find that perfect shade to match your skin choose one that is a little darker. The darker foundation can be blended on your face to give you a more tanned look. This is always better than looking chalky.

Now since you have done your homework go ahead and get the flawless skin that you deserve.