How To Get A Perfect Eyebrow Arch

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Nothing says well-groomed better than perfectly arched eyebrows. What’s important is knowing what trends are in and using the tools at hand to create your version of the perfect eyebrow style. Read on to equip yourself so you can get a perfect eyebrow arch.

Bold beautiful brows

Style mavens and make-up pros are unanimous about big beautiful eyebrows being the flavour of the times. Well-groomed but full eyebrows look luxurious and dramatic, and even evoke a sense of the exotic. Think Cara Delevingne, Sarah Hyland, Emmy Rossum, or Lily Collins. For those with sparser hair growth there are plenty of tricks to create a fuller look.

Know your eyebrow before you tweeze or groom

Before you take to your eyebrow with your tweezers, know your own natural eyebrow contour and fullness. This is so that the final look you achieve is something that’s flattering to your face and overall appearance.

Know where the eyebrow needs to start and end. Simply hold your eyebrow pencil vertical from the mid point of your nostril and see where it touches your brow bone. This should mark the start of your groomed brow. Next, place the pencil between your outer nostril and the outside corner of the eye over your brow bone to locate where eyebrow should end. Identify the highest point for the eyebrow arch by holding the pencil aligned between the end of your nose (tip), and the brow bone so it goes over the middle of the iris of that eye. The point where it touches the brow bone marks where you should have the highest point of the arch.

Clear with care

Keep these markers in mind as you pluck, tweeze or wax away the stray hairs on your eyebrow and groom them into shape with a perfect arch. Avoid overdoing pulling these stray hairs, even a slight error can translate to disaster on your face.

Create depth

Add depth to your eyebrows using a good quality eyebrow pencil that matches the shade of your eyebrow hair as well as other make-up to fill in the brow. A coloured wax-based brow pomade helps counter sparseness by filling it out and also enhances the appearance by smoothing hairs to make them look thicker than they are.

Set and go

Before you can say you’re done, use a brow gel to keep your eyebrows waterproof and neat and tidy. These gels are available in tinted form or clear. Women with darker tresses should take care not to let very dark tinted gels make their eyebrows dominate too much. Experts suggest they use a clear gel or when using a tinted gel to stay a shade lighter. For light haired women, the reverse applies. A tinted gel is ideal, and one that is a shade darker than their hair colour.

A final dusting of some translucent powder on the arches helps set the work of the brow pencil in place by soaking up any natural oils from the skin to give a lasting, well-groomed appearance.