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Alwoodley – Leeds
By Chemical Engineer (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

During the Middle Ages there was a King called Ecbert (fans of the Vikings series might already know this). He had a son called Aethelwulf and it’s after this man that the stunning suburban region of Alwoodley is said to be named. Now, that’s the history of the area in a nutshell – but what you might not know about this location is that it actually has much more to offer than meets the eye.

And what more can you expect?

If you’re looking for a quiet, quaint lifestyle then Alwoodley in Leeds may well be worth visiting. Sure, there are plenty of these types of locations in this part of the UK, but come on – how many can claim a direct lineage to royalty? There’s even the famous King Lane that runs through a part of the suburb.

Now, if you’re expecting a huge nightlife scene then you might need to look elsewhere, because what this suburb has to offer is tranquillity, peace and harmony. With a small population of less than 9,000 residents, an incredibly low crime rate and a host of traditional, rural architecture – you’ll certainly feel at home passing through. There’s even a bus service that can help you to get from one part of the region to another.

What can you expect beauty salon-wise

For all of its peace and tranquillity, the area certainly isn’t short in the services department. There are plenty of shops, retail outlets and privately owned stores to choose from. As the area is predominantly farm land, you can expect to find organic produce in most grocery stores – but we’re here to talk about the beauty salons and hair clinics that are available; the number of which might actually surprise you.

Clearly the locals enjoy nothing more than being pampered; that might explain why there is such a nice variety of hair salons and beauty centres to choose from. You’ll find private ones that are run by families, as well as professional facilities that offer world-class treatments at very affordable prices. Why not take a look at our listings now to see if you can find one that will be able to cater to your visit?