Oakwood leeds

Oakwood Clock – Leeds
By Chemical Engineer (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

If you’re looking for an affluent suburb in the north-eastern segment of Leeds, then they don’t come much more stylish, elegant, or authentic than Oakwood. As you might have guessed, the name of this suburb originates from the fact that the location is surrounded by a huge, historic forest of oak trees – but that’s just a part of the story!

What can you find in Oakwood?

If you’re looking for traditional architecture, a friendly atmosphere and a natural way of life that so many of us are longing for, then this suburb could well be the place for you. It won’t matter if you live there or if you’re just visiting – we have no doubt that there are all sorts of things to see and do that even residents might have had no clue about.

And the best thing about this region is that although it’s pretty authentic in nature, it still enjoys frequent bus schedules, a range of taxi services and great walks to really help you to get back to nature. Those that live in the suburb are notoriously long-lived, with the elderly population accounting for no less than 35% of all residents in the region!

Okay, so what about the juicy good stuff?

By juicy good stuff we mean the thing that you’re here for – salons for beauty and hair care! The Oakwood Clock might be a pretty appealing landmark to visit, but if you’re on our website then the likelihood of you wanting to find a suitable beauty salon will probably be the reason for your visit. So, how do the salons fair?

Well, you will find those that focus on traditional therapies, oriental alternatives and more, as well as hair care centres that offer both modern and authentic styles and treatments. There are even a couple of laser clinics for those in need of this advanced service, but our personal favourites are those that offer a well-rounded variety of services to cater to their clients. The choice is all yours!